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Why it’s time to stop making excuses

Why it’s time to stop making excuses

‘It’s too cold’, ‘I’m tired’, ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘Coronation street is on’ are just a handful of the incredible amount of excuses I come up with when it’s time to go for a run! I’m definitely one of those people who spend longer thinking about heading out than actually running! But I woke … Continue reading

My 2015 goal: I can and I will

I’ve just spent a good two hours watching the Discovery Channel and listening to an ad for some programme asking you to pledge your 2015 goal. And it’s starting to have a bit of an influence on me. Unfortunately, considering I’m not a UK resident, I can’t actually enter the competition but that doesn’t mean I … Continue reading

The Silent Run

My previous post looked into the best running music to get you moving and keep you moving, but a few days after that my music died just as I started out on a run! Unfortunately, I was forced to experience my very first silent run and what followed was far from the other runs I … Continue reading

Time to Freshen Up the Tunes

Music is an essential part of running, and working out in general, for alot of people. A good song can push you to run further, stronger, faster and for way longer; it is important to update your music and create a running folder that is dedicated to your running time. A good tune sets a … Continue reading