My top 8 favourite things to do in Dublin

dublinConsidering I am born and bred in Dublin, it wouldn’t be wrong of you to think this post is a little biased, but this city really is a little gem! Beautiful, exciting, modern and full of history, there’s no denying it really is a pretty awesome place to see!

Whether you are heading to Dublin for a little trip or are lucky enough to live here, there are eight things you absolutely must do in Ireland’s wonderful capital, according to me that is!

1. Visit the Natural History Gallery

Before you laugh, hear me out! I took my little girl here for the afternoon and she loved it, and we actually both learned a lot.

2. Spot the deer in the Phoenix Park

This one’s a lot harder than it sounds, to be fair. In fact, the only time I’ve ever seen the herd was at 10:30 am on a very frosty December morning, and they were pretty far away… But saying that it is totally worth the effort, and even if you don’t see them the park itself is pretty impressive!

3. Get a Teddy’s ice cream in Dun Laoghaire

As soon as the sun comes out the queues will be around the corner but it will be so worth it, trust me!

dublin middle

4. Visit the Jameson Distillery

Whether you like the odd tipple of whiskey or not this is a must-see. It’s fun, interesting and you get a free drink at the end – what’s not to love!

5. Enjoy a dip at the Forty Foot

Adults only mind!

6. Walk up the Dublin Mountains

The views at the top are breathtaking and if you fancy a bit of a challenge you can always have a go along the BMX trails.

7. Take a look at the Book of Kells

Head to Trinity College where you will get to see one of Ireland’s most beautiful masterpieces, and the college is stunning as well!

8. Catch a game at Croke Park

You absolutely must experience Croke Park at its best – when it’s packed with 80,000 GAA supporters and Dublin are playing!

dublin last


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