Cleanser review: Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask

cleaning faceAt this stage I feel like I’ve literally tried everything to sort out my skin. I was starting to lose all faith in the beauty products that I’d insisted on buying and that, slowly but surely, I was wasting an absolute fortune.

But I think I may have finally found something worth writing about. It’s widely available, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and doesn’t leave my skin feeling like it’s struggling to stretch across my face. What is this miracle cream I’m talking about, I hear you ask? Answer: Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask.

A two-in-one cleanser that actually works. You can use it as a daily cleanser – rubbing it onto a damp face – or as a weekly mask – its clay-like texture is perfect for oily prone skin. To be honest, rather than just cleansing with it every day, I sort of mix its two-in-one ability to get it to work.

Available from Boots

Available from Boots

Everyday I let the product sit on my face for about two minutes before rubbing a little water on top to create a foamy texture. I then wipe my face clean with a cloth, going gently around the eye area.

Once or twice a week I use the mask formula, but rather than leave it on for the recommended five minutes, I leave it there for about seven or eight to give it a chance to harden slightly and work its magic! The clay-like texture is really great at soaking up excess oil, which has definitely been known to leave me with a number of blemishes.

The best thing about this product, apart from the price that is, is that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry – something that a lot of other products do.

To date, while my skin has not been perfect, it has most certainly improved, especially around the forehead and chin area. I’m the type of person who buys what’s on special offer whenever I’m going beauty shopping, but this time I’ll definitely be giving Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and MaskΒ at least another four weeks to see if the improvements continue. I’ll keep you posted.


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