Day 1: My 30 day skin challenge

skincare 2Today I spent a lot of time researching what changes I needed to make to see improvements in my skin for my 30 day skin challenge.

I’ll be making small changes over a five-day period to make less like a chore and more like something I can continue with long-term .

At the end of the five days I’ll be adding other acne-fighting methods that I feel will work for me into my list along with what worked the previous days.

Finally, by the end of the 30 days I hope to have nailed a skincare regime once and for all.

Thursday, 23rd to Monday, 27th April.


A glass of lemon water a day.

Consume 2 litres of water a day.


Eating at least two food items from this list a day:

  1. Apples
  2. Carrots
  3. Fish
  4. Oranges

Cut down on sugar intake – that means no sweets (well fewer!)


I will have one Epsom salt bath.

Face mask: 

As I have dry-skin in areas, I am going to try to use an oat face mask to help absorb oil and soothe my skin.

At-home face mask:


1/2 mug porridge oats



1. Boil 1/2 mug of porridge oats in water

2. Spread over cleansed face.

3. Leave on face for 15 minutes.

3. Rinse off.


Clean helmet straps

I’ve noticed a cluster of spots right when the strap of my helmet lies. I won’t be doing this until the weekend though as I need to wear it on to get to work.

Keep hands off face 

It’s so hard not to put your hands on your face when you’re sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, but I’ll be making a conscious effort not to.

Kill pimples naturally

While I’ll be using my Simple toner on my face, I’ll be using lemon water on my chin after I cleanse,

Right, so they’re the first changes I’m going to make – baby steps, people. Baby steps.


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