My 30 day skin challenge

skincareWith my 30th birthday fast approaching, I decided to set myself a bit of a challenge – to once and for all achieve blemish-free skin.

This is by no means an easy feat, let me tell you. With spot-prone skin ever since I can remember I have seriously tried everything and anything to rid myself of blackheads, but to no avail.

If I’m really being honest though, I have to admit that a lot of the problem is my fault – I try something for a week or two but if I don’t see any changes I move on.

As I’ve grown up and become a lot more confident about my skin, I now know miracles don’t happen overnight and it takes time and effort to finally see change.

And I set this challenge because of this; over the next 30 days I’ll set myself goals that will motivate me to change what’s wrong. With proper research under my belt and some much-needed direction I hope to be able to once and for all achieve my goal!

The top five things my challenge will focus on are:


What I eat plays a huge role in how my skin looks – it’s time to put down the sugar!


What needs to go on my skin will and what shouldn’t won’t. I’ll be checking the list of goods things and not-so-good in beauty products and be having a look at the ingredients in any lotions and potions I have at home.

Daily care

I am seriously obsessed with cleaning my skin but considering it’s still not working I’ll be doing research to find out what I’m doing wrong and correct it. I’ll be exfoliating and using a face mask a lot more frequently.


I run and play football with my make-up on and I know that’s not good. And while I certainly won’t be confident enough to go make-up free, I’ll definitely be making a few changes.


I’m sure throughout my research I’ll stumble across a few other tips that will help me in my journey which I’ll be giving a go.


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