My 2015 goal: I can and I will

imageI’ve just spent a good two hours watching the Discovery Channel and listening to an ad for some programme asking you to pledge your 2015 goal. And it’s starting to have a bit of an influence onΒ me.

Unfortunately, considering I’m not a UK resident, I can’t actually enter the competition but that doesn’t mean I can’t make my own pledge, does it?! So I am.

And we all know the one way to stick to a goal or resolution is to tell the world what you want to achieve – once it’s out there it’s a hell of a lot harder to back out. So I’m telling you, my readers, what I hope to achieve this year in the hope that it will keep me motivated enough to actually complete it!

I want to complete a half marathon… Why not a full one I hear you cry?! Well, seeing as we’re being honest here, I’ll come clean. I don’t have any desire to run 26 miles! And while I find 10km a doddle, it’s only when I run with others that I truly enjoy pounding the pavement, and I’ll be doing this on my own.


As I train and hopefully get better at running, I will log my details here so that not only will I be able to track my own progress but hopefully give you some motivation to complete your own goal.

Day 1. Starts tomorrow πŸ™ˆ


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