It’s a….. boy!

its a boyI have to say I was convinced it was going to be a girl… it’s not like I know the woman so I’m not sure what I was basing my conviction on, but it’s a boy, third in line to the throne how very exciting! I must admit I am not a Royal follower or anything but when a baby is born it is a very exciting time, especially when it feels like poor Kate was pregnant forever, apologies ’cause I’m sure she felt it too!

As the easel sits pride of place outside Buckingham Palace the world waits for the name of the future King of England. As at this moment we know it’s a boy, we know it was born at 4:24 pm and we know mum and baby are doing well, but, what we don’t know is the name. When a baby is born the second thing most people are interested in, after the sex is confirmed, is the baby’s name.

The Huffington Post gave a good list of possible names such as Albert or Alfred, Arthur, Frederick, George,Β Leopold or Philip

Will they stick to a traditional family name or will they embrace a more modern name? I guess the world will have to wait a bit longer for that.


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