The Silent Run

Treisa Pierce via Leah Stimmel

Treisa Pierce via Leah Stimmel

My previous post looked into the best running music to get you moving and keep you moving, but a few days after that my music died just as I started out on a run! Unfortunately, I was forced to experience my very first silent run and what followed was far from the other runs I had done this year!

Without music it just becomes you and your thoughts sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes bad! The sound of your runners pounding off the pavement and your heavy breathing are the complete opposite from using music to help you keep pace. It can be a liberating experience, it’s just you and the road,  but you need to keep pace yourself and you need to push yourself without any help. It became a run about forcing myself to not listen to my struggling breathing or my heavy pounding on the pavement because they were beyond distracting and made me tired more quickly.

It can be a lonely yet liberating few miles. You have to lose yourself to the run and just go with it, without thinking too much about it. If you think too much it adds at least 3kms!

It can be quite boring and lonely, I found, when you run without earphones in your ears. With distracting music you can forget that you are running and pushing boundaries within yourself but without music you are very aware of what is around you; you feel every step and every mental wall.

But you get over it – eventually, and it can become a run where you really find your weak and strong spots.

Try it and let me know how you get on with your silent run 🙂

P.S. Sponsor me for the Flora Minimarathon in aid of Tallaght Children’s Hospital 🙂


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