Time to Freshen Up the Tunes

Music is an essential part of running, and working out in general, for alot of people. A good song can push you to run further, stronger, faster and for way longer; it is important to update your music and create a running folder that is dedicated to your running time.

A good tune sets a great running beat, helping you to keep your pace and momentum flowing. Mix it up and try use a shuffle, if you can, so that you’re not expecting a certain song to come up.

It’s time to freshen up your music!

Here is an example of my motivational running music…..what’s yours?

David Guetta feat Kid Cudi – Memories

Now I am not a great Pink fan but this song has some good beats you can run too. It is also a good song for near the end …… ‘just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re gonna die…’

P!nk – Try

This next song may not be for everyone’s running library but I just love this song so I had to include it!

Bastille – Pompeii

Just Say Yes has a great running beat you can keep a steady pace too.

Snow Patrol – Just Say YesΒ 

Scream & Shout is a perfect especially in the middle of your run – it is a great pick me up when you’ve hit a wall (not literally hit a wall)

will.i.am feat Britney Β Spears – Scream & Shout


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