You’re hot and you’re cold


Finally it’s back! I have had several runs since my last post but didn’t want to jinx it by tooting my horn too early, so I waited to see if it was going to stick  before I posted.

Thankfully it has stuck, in fact, I even took to the streets in the snow. Yes, I actually ran in snow, me the ‘runner’ who takes longer to get ready to go for a run than actually run. The snow run was certainly different I must admit, visibility was very poor and it was FREEZING so I only went for a short run and my eyes remained on the ground throughout my entire run for fear of slipping on ice (check out this great website with tips for running in snow and on ice). 

Anyway, after that snow run I decided I definitely needed a proper body warmer top.

So I went out and bought one, a lovely black and pink Body Logic one to go with my black leggings and my pink running t-shirt ( a girls gotta match).  body_logic_running_tee_1031534final
Delighted with myself I got ready for my next run, this time it was in the morning so, while it was sunny, it was still a little bit chilly. Thinking it was very cold I popped on my body warmer under my runner t-shirt and all I can say is wow, was I melting half way through! The body warmer certainly works and I didn’t think ahead. I didn’t plan for the very fact that the longer I run , the warmer I get, duh! So this time I didn’t don the body warmer on and I was grand, will definitely be wearing my Body Logic top on its own and not underneath my running top again!

I have been on my bike a bit as well, the past few weeks, and this had definitely been helping my fitness. I felt stronger and less pukey during tonight’s evening run and would recommend mixing up your fitness regime, add some spice to your life!

(Don’t forget I am NOT a qualified fitness instructor and the above is only my opinion for my own fitness!)


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