Ditch the runners (for a bit)

when in doubt pedal it outMy running mojo has yet to reappear, so  instead of making up an excuse not to go for a run I ditched the runners and donned a helmet.

With only 9 weeks to go to the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon (eek!) right now its all about getting fit and building up the stamina to run 10k in less than an hour (oh dear, every time I say that I feel a little bit nauseous!)

I have to admit something which I probably shouldn’t when I am trying to find my running mojo, but cycling gives you freedom that running just doesn’t allow. In fairness though it could be just the fact that when you get tired of cycling you can sit on the saddle and roll down the hill…

Cycling is a less impact sport with “little risk of over exercise or strain” while “running increases impact loading and, in these cases, will speed up osteoarthritis“. It gives me a better chance to be free in terms of technology because I won’t listen to music while cycling but I can’t run without music. Personally, I like to have my wits about me when cycling among cars, particularly in Dublin, but when running it’s a whole different story! When I run I try to forget that I’m running, not because I don’t like it, but when I start to think about how far I have to go I start to struggle before I should be struggling (if that makes any sense!) Music gives me an escape and also a sound that helps me set a running beat , and most of the time I need a beat to keep me going!!

I have got to keep going and must always remember that it’s OK to….

Try and fail but never fail to try







I found a great video from ExpertVillage about controlling your breathing while running, one of my main problems while running that’s for sure.

Running Tips: How to Control Breathing While Running



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