Time to find my running mojo

runningSometimes I sit here and I don’t know what to write or where to begin but I love writing and once I start I can’t stop! My problem is I over analyse what to write, what image to use, will people read it etc. etc. but what it really comes down to too is simply just getting on with it, with what you think is right.

The same happens when its time to go for  a run. I have about 10 weeks until I run the Flora Womens Mini-marathon and I still can’t find my running mojo! I spend more time getting ready to go on my run then actually running – really bad, I know!

It’s only 10k and its not a big deal, but unfortunately I decided that I want to do it within an hour…. not only did I decide to do it within the hour, but, I also told people I was going to do it within the hour so there’s no backing out now! My biggest fear now, to be honest, is not the run nor the fact that I have a dodgy knee (I dislocated it a while back) but rather the awkwardness and disappointment if I don’t do it in good time, disappointed because the only one stopping me is me – how does the saying going –

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’

In fairness, I did go for a run yesterday and I do love it but my problem is I over analyse it way, way, way too much; I think about the rain, the cold, what i’m wearing, music and where I’m going to go!  I wish someone would create an app which planned a route for me – take the stress out of the planning!

Anyway, I thought if I kept a running diary – what I see when i’m out, how I feel, what I wear, how far I go – it might give me my running mojo back! Any advice, suggestions would be brilliant.

Here goes, wish me luck!

P.s didn’t go for a run today – it’s raining :/


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