My Pinterest Wardrobe

I LOVE Pinterest it has to be said!! It is the ultimate wardrobe where I can hang clothes that I wish I had the nerve to wear. I long for the days when I work for a company that demands a funky and stylish dress code where I can wear the likes of  this little beaut below. The plain colour of the trousers are enhanced by their parachute (esque) style. It is perfect office wear…. if you dare to wear it! It’s a powerful statement of ‘look at me I look good’. 


I love love love really pretty dresses with strong biker jackets and shoe boots. It’s a style that allows you look cool strong and stylish whilst also adding a girly feminine hint. I particularly love this next outfit the dress is so girly and flirty yet it allows the wearer have an attitude! But someone please tell me where I would wear an outfit like this??!!

(“If you need to ask you shouldn’t wear it” I hear you say….hmmmm maybe….)

Source: via Lovely Clusters on Pinterest

Take a look at my wishlist and wish with me…. unless you are one of these really cool and stylish people who already dresses like this well then you don’t need to wish (take a look anyway and maybe add hints to your own style!!)
Here’s my wishlist………Enjoy!

 I just need a place to wear this….


Love this really relaxed look perfect for the beach!


Effortly stylish….


Summers coming eek!!



This is a powerful statement of ‘I want you to notice me’


and finally if only we could all look this good in the snow……


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