Oscars Mania


So its Tuesday, the Oscars were on Sunday and still Oscar Mania is in full swing. Morning shows are still trying to copycat styles, albeit on a (much) cheaper scale, although chances that ordinary people like us ever getting to wear one a glamorous  beautiful dresses to something as big as the Oscars are very slim but I suppose there is no harm in dreaming.

When you look at news articles on the Oscars the same news comes out and the same dresses are on the hit and miss list – Jennifer Lawrence being the main ‘victim’ of bloggers, journalists and photographers (although her dress simply was quite beautiful) and her fall did make me cringe although it had to happen to someone and she was very elegant in doing it. But we need something a little bit different in the news life becomes very repetitive when journalists are writing about the same stories and the same dresses.

Kelly Rowlands looked beautiful as did Lucy Alibar who was nominated for ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’. Emad Burnat’s (nominated for Best Documentary Feature) wife who turned up in traditional dress brought variety and substance to the Oscars. Burnat’s ‘5 Broken Cameras was the first Palestinian documentary to be nominated for an Oscar very little of this was mentioned although the Huffington Post has a great article about what happened to Burnat and his family when they landed in LAX.

Love this ITN YouTube clip it’s really sweet

Michelle Obama made it to the Oscars albeit via satellite– the wonders of modern technology- to announce Argo as ‘Best Picture’ (really must go see this film that literally EVERYONE has been talking about!!).

Finally Adele, Skyfall is a beautiful song and won an Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’ so deserving!

minipromo Adele Oscars 2013 Skyfall Performance #Oscars 2013


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