Are we a nation of non complainers?

Are we a nation of non complainers? 


Sitting in a café recently I was inspired by people’s lack of ability to complain! It’s hard to try to understand this phenomenon which I myself must admit am part. Complaining is a persons right – when someone does something wrong or you receive something you don’t like you need to let the person/company know…..

Thinking about this all come about while I sat in a cafe enjoying a sandwich….. Another person in this café, which I won’t name copyright/ pp and all that, didn’t like their sandwich – I think it was one of those special toasties…. which I would love right now! Anyway this other luncher didn’t complain to management or look for a solution to their dislike of their sandwich but rather chose to moan and make snide remarks quite loudly about their sandwich – was he simply trying to act the big guy in front of his companion, a pretty young girl, or was he simply too chicken to complain or maybe even too lazy? What I really don’t understand is why l moan about your sandwich and disturb other lunchers who are enjoying their food rather than quietly have a quick word with the manager – I mean there is simply no excuse for rudeness.

On reflection I do think this person was trying to act the tough guy because on a side glance I noticed his sandwich was completely eaten……



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