The World is your Oyster

You look out of the window and smile. She holds the world in the palm of her hand, she is your world.

You look at her and think she can be anything, while secretly containing your own ambitions for her.

Do you create a foundation for her to grow upon and make her own choices, do you forcefully instill your dreams onto her…. before finally giving up when she rebels or do you take the much more aggressive tiger mother approach … well you know how that will end up…..

She stands in the garden and holds the hurley properly, good grip, good stance, she’s only three…. your mind begins to stare blindly into the future. Could she be good enough to play in the middle of Croke Park 80,000 people cheering her on… dedicating her speeches to her dad, her grandparents, you.

Thinking again your mind wanders to another hobby… drama, music.

Could she become one of the greats remembered for years but always remaining grounded, not like that Lohan one….

Then you fade back to the present day, to the child in the garden, she turns and smiles at you… asks you to play.


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