A Woolly Phenomenon…

Guerrilla knitting is a new phenomenon that is sweeping the world in all its woolly wonder. Started in Texas in 2005 it has now reached Ireland, England, and the Great Wall of China even as far as Australia. It’s a simple, non-offensive way of expressing one’s creativity.

Guerrilla Knitting or ‘yarn bombing’ as it may be referred to is a craze which sees trees with knitted scarves, railings with knitted jumpers, knitted flowers and blankets dotted throughout the world. Knitting is now the new cool, it’s no longer just for granny!

Knitting has become the new way of tagging and leaving your mark, no longer are walls tagged with awful permanent spray can paint. I must admit though I have never actually seen any form of this new art…… Never have I seen a knitted flower or a tree with a scarf and I really do feel like I’m missing out on something incredible.

But what happens once the piece is up? Does it remain until it eventually falls off and becomes one with the litter that seems to surround our country? Can it be thought of as a new form of littering? If a pair of tights was tied to a tree in a form of ‘art’ would you object? So what is the difference with tying a piece of wool to a bench?

Well apart from the fact that it is bringing an old trend into the fore, it’s shining a light on something that before was solely associated with old people, old ladies with plastic bags containing needles and wool. It seems to make people smile. Now I know I have never actually witnessed any of this ‘yarn bombing’ but I have researched it and looked at pictures and they have made me smile. I can only wonder what it’s like to be walking along and suddenly notice a railing wearing a scarf. What i have seen in pictures are original and simple traditional pieces of art.

It’s different and imaginative. It’s funky and trendy.

Although ‘Knitta Please’ was the world’s very first knitting crew started in 2005, it wasn’t until the Vodafone ad ‘Operation Cheer Up’ appeared that guerrilla knitting was really brought it to the forefront for me. I had never really heard of it and never associated the ad with the new craze that was sweeping the world. Guerrilla Knitting draws your attention to something you probably have never really noticed. Makes you look at the world in a completely different way.

Knitting is now on trend along with vintage clothes and Aron sweaters. It’s no longer just for your granny!


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