Team Jacob or Team Edward…?


So I finally saw Eclipse –the third movie in the Twilight saga, and what can I say? Well firstly I have been converted from a team Edward to team Jacob! The vampire wins the girl but the werewolf definitely wins prizes for his amazing body!

The third story has its nail-biting parts and its slushy parts but it all manages toย blend so flawlessly together. Eclipse pullsย at your heartstrings as the torn Bella realises what and who she must give up in her quest to become like Edward… I feel for the parents who will neither understand nor know that their daughter has chosen to end her life in order to become a savage and souless figure in the night.

The struggle between werewolf and vampire reaches fever pitch in this saga, when they finally join as one to beat the ‘new borns’. Bella’s struggle between loyalty for her friend Jacob and her intense love for Edward becomes intensified throughout the story. Meyer allows the viewer a deep insight into the individual vampires of the Cullen Clan, of who they were before they became vampires.

The story moves along in a steady flow and the end closes with no unanswered questions. Bella’s decision becomes finalised in the final scene and her true reasons for it become clear to the viewer.

It is one of the few movie sequels, apart from Harry Potter of course, which never seems to falter in its momentum.Whether the movie stays true to its original is something I can’t comment on, as shamefully, I have never read the books!

All I can say is I’m waiting with bated breath for Breaking Dawn!


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