The Mentalist…

Cleere - Olympia Theatre Dublin 25 July 2010

Its all in the Title – Keith Barry’s ‘The Asylum’ was quite literally mental! The ‘cosiness’ and the stifling heat of the Olympia Theatre were certainly overshadowed by Keith Barry. Never before have I been to a show where a member of the audience tries to hide behind the performer because he believes the rest of audience are demons, or saw more than twenty people on stage playing imaginary instruments like their life depended on it!! Funny times! The way Mr Barry works the mind is fascinating.

The first half of the show literally blew my mind and the second half had me rolling around laughing! Laughing at the poor volunteers on stage making complete donkeys of themselves made for very entertaining viewing! But fair play to them cause I certainly wouldn’t of had the bottle to do it! The whole bases of the show – nineteen century asylums- was quite frightening and it certainly made for a frightening set especially the giant wooden chair with ankle and wrist straps….. The legend of Max ‘the crazy assistant’ will always bring amusing images into my head!

The show keeps you on your toes the whole time, it was outrageous and controversial!

I better not forget to mention the band Cleere- they were a pleasant surprise and their music had a lot of people head-bopping!

All in all -what a freaking amazing show!!


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