Enchanting New Zealand

The world seems a much more beautiful place when you wake up in New Zealand.

The Southern Hemisphere is home to a magical and enchanting place. Looming mountains drop down from the bright blue sky into the icy Pacific Ocean.

The South Island of New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The picturesque views are unrelenting. Driving along a (very) narrow road you look to your left and you are witness to beautifully majestic mountains whilst a sideways glance to the right your breathe is taken away as the road you are driving along has a sheer drop down into the icy ocean below.

Your eyes are continuously exposed to beauty of such a small country. As the sun sets and the night creeps in the clear blue sky slowly changes to orange before finally settling on a deep navy. The stars twinkle and light up the night sky. The high peaked mountains, the clear blue ocean and the stars all create a perfect picture of natures beauty.

New Zealanders possess an energy that is focused on their environment. There is an extraordinary sense of  New Zealanders being mother earths caretakers.

Getting a boat that takes you into the middle of a crater to see the  rare Hectors  Dolphin gives you an overwhelming feeling of your insignificance. Fur seals bathe beside car parks, sperm whales and the little blue penguins dot the surrounding oceans, dolphins swim in the harbour, sheep are forever speckled along the mountains and albatross adorn the clear blue skies.

The surrounding area oozes Irelands forty shades of green and endless fields. The sky touches the mountains and a sense of the mother nature is forever on your mind.

The South Island of New Zealand is truly an enchanting and captivating place.


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